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As with any business, there are going to be some things you will NEED to succeed. Some programs to help you run your business, build out your sales pages, and stay in contact with your customer list while you watch it grow!

Rest assured... Because your signing up with me, and no-one else.. I'm going to throw my own resources at you to help you out!

It's most important you follow along with all the steps below, and I will be giving you my own personal helping hand!

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1.  Start your Clickfunnels 14 Day Trial

(You will need to sign up via this link to give you a JUMP START in the program..

This is the program you will be using to build out ALL your Sales & Landing Pages. This is the platform I use to build everything, and will allow you to import pages into your own account with just a simple click!

2.  Start your GetResponse 30 Day Trial

(You will need to sign up via this link to be eligible for the "Free Funnel" Offer)
This will also give you a JUMP START in the program..

This is the program you will be using to collect all your Email leads.. basically your own personal customer list! You will then use this platform to send out Email marketing to all your customers, introducing them to additional products and promoting for additional sales.

3.  Start Tracking with BuildRedirects

This program is going to be a VITAL tool in tracking where your conversions come from.

ALL our traffic will be directed through this program. This way, we can see which traffic is converting, and from where that traffic has come from. This way, we can cut off traffic that isn't performing, but more importantly, Double Down on the traffic that is!

**  Sign up to These 3 Programs via the links, and you are eligible for additional goodies such as..

  • Traffic: I will send personal Traffic Blasts, from my own list, to Your Offers! Personal Solo Ads!! 
  • Books: I have my Own Online Book Store.. I would like to send you something from your favorite Entrepreneur!
  • Pre-Made Templates: As a certified Funnel Builder, I would like to help you build your own funnels.. even GIVE you my top converting pages!


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